The Amazing World Beneath the Waves



The Amazing World
Beneath the Waves
A Guide to Understanding the Oceans
for ages 10 to 110 !
“We know more about the surface of the moon than we do about the oceans of our own amazing planet.”
Gloria’s new book is a guide for anyone who has ever been intrigued, fascinated or entranced by the world’s oceans…
From the tiniest microscopic, one-celled plankton to the vast Blue Whale, incredible photographs and illustrations reveal the amazing diversity of life beneath the waves and the extraordinary adaptations of creatures for survival in the extreme marine environment.
Concepts such as tides, undersea mountains and the relationship between atmosphere and ocean are all carefully described to enable non-scientists to understand how important the world’s oceans are to Planet Earth and to the existence of life on Earth.
From tsunamis and earthquakes, to pollution and rising sea levels – here is a guide that everyone should read – about a watery world that so few humans understand, yet which makes up over 70% of our Planet Earth.
This book guides us effortlessly to a better understanding of the amazing world beneath the waves.
DVD – ‘Crazy Critters’
Join Gloria as she takes you on an underwater guided tour of the oceans, and enjoy the sights and sounds of some of the amazing, bizarre and spectactular sea creatures that can be found in the world beneath the waves.
Using footage she has shot over many years of exploring the world’s oceans, along with beautiful photographs, Gloria shares her knowledge and enthusiasm, explaining in accessible terms this fascinating underwater world.
Format: DVD (16:9)
Running Time: 56 minutes
Music courtesy of Fiona McGee
Suitable for all ages
Book: £19.99
DVD: £10
Special Offer – if you buy both = £25.00
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