Ocean World Resource Pack – with FREE video and resource downloads



A wealth of resources to teach children about the Earth’s oceans, what is threatening them and how we can help protect them.

What’s in the Box?
(everything you need to teach about the Oceans!)

    • Eight fully resourced enquiry-based learning activities

    • Introductory PowerPoint for each activity

    • Sixty downloadable information sheets give you facts at your fingertips

    • Identification charts and game cards.

    • Six original films take you into the underwater world

    • A comprehensive film guide identifies ocean creatures                                        

Participants can be awarded an

‘Ambassador for the Oceans’

certificate at the end of the

activity when knowledge is

shared with others.

This resource can be used

by non-science specialists.

The price is £59.00 per pack

(inc. UK P&P)

If you would like to order an

Ocean World Resource Box

– just hit the link above:-


We are experienced teachers
– producing resources for teachers.

The Ocean World Teachers Resource has been out in schools on trial

Comment from teacher :

‘ I am not a science specialist but this box gave me all the tools I needed to teach this subject with confidence. Everything’s supplied – it’s like teaching with an expert at your elbow.’


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