Climate Change – the Critical Role of the Oceans

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There has been an explosion of scientific papers for decades regarding the increase of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere and the damage being caused to our oceans … but who has understood, or taken notice of these documents?

Despite the mass of scientific stuff out there, Governments around the world are still not taking enough action, quickly enough to offset the problems facing all life on this planet. The public seem to be divided between a) the people who understand what is happening and who see the threat to humanity, b) those who are starting to understand but don’t know what to do and c) those who think it’s all a lie and believe nothing is really happening or it doesn’t affect them.

A vast number of humans on this planet seem unaware of the real and increasing problems which will soon affect their everyday life on Earth.

The time for debate on ‘is there such a thing as Climate Change?’ has gone! Climate Change exists! The effects are being seen now … and there is much worse to come, with a possibility of all life becoming extinct on this planet if the problems are ignored.

Yet, children understand it – school strikes have been seen around the planet, and some adult ‘revolution’ protests are taking place … but it is not enough. Every single person needs to understand the enormity of what devastation is about to hit them. Every single person needs to take action. The dangerous effects of human activities, such as increased carbon dioxide in our atmosphere and acidification of the ocean, need to be understood by everyone.

I have not written this book to frighten you. I do believe if we all understand how our planet works and know the effects of human activity which are now endangering life, then there is a chance we can change our world and have a brighter future. I have worked to reduce the ‘scientific blurb’ and produce an accessible book for the general reader.

My aim is to help you understand the need to keep our oceans healthy and see the essential role atmosphere and oceans play in a healthy life on Earth for all of us – marine animals and land animals, including the human species.

We can’t afford to turn our backs on the scientific data without gambling with our future survival. The threat is real – it exists. Humans need to take responsibility for their planet, or we risk becoming an endangered species ourselves.

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