Climate Change not being taught in schools!

The national curriculum barely mentions the climate crisis. Children deserve better

The emergency should not be taught just in science, but in history, the arts and food tech too

Tue 11 Feb 2020 07.15

There were toddlers in prams, babies in carriers, wrapped up against the cold, young children clutching placards and teenagers, thousands of them, banging drums and chanting protests. The energy and sense of urgency among the 500,000 climate marchers through Madrid at the last UN climate talks in December stood in stark contrast to the stalled, static and bloodless conference itself, where talks on the arcane technicalities of carbon markets fell apart amid acrimony.

Schoolchildren have led the way in climate protests and climate action in the past 18 months, with the school strikes begun by Greta Thunberg spreading worldwide. Thunberg herself crossed the Atlantic twice by boat to attend the climate talks, and the Fridays for Future movement has spawned waves of similar protests.

“These [striking] schoolchildren have grasped something that seems to elude many of their elders,” the UN secretary-general, António Guterres, wrote in the Guardian last year. “We are in a race for our lives, and we are losing. The window of opportunity is closing. We no longer have the luxury of time, and climate delay is almost as dangerous as climate denial.”

Fiona Harvey

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