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Firstly – All about OCEANS

‘Target Blue’ is a project set up by Footprint to the Future aimed at improving student knowledge of the  current marine conservation issues that affect life on their planet. 

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Attention all Teachers and Youth Workers

A wealth of resources to teach children about the Earth’s oceans and why we need to protect it.

Comment from teacher :

‘ I am not a science specialist but this box gave me all the tools I needed to teach this subject with confidence. Everything’s supplied – it’s like teaching with an expert at your elbow.’



Children's Fiction

Our present focus is on 'Oceans'

The Lucy Morgan Adventure Series
Children's Fiction - with an environmental ocean theme
For ages 8-12 years

Eye of the Turtle was published in June 2020

The Secrets of the Shallows was published in September 2020

The Hidden Cave was published in November 2020

Book One - Eye of the Turtle

Lucy has lived on the twelfth floor of a tower block, in a poor area of London for all of her eleven years, but when her Mum accepts a new job in the Caribbean she must face the unknown. 

Finding a turtle who needs help begins Lucy’s affinity with ocean creatures. She promises to help protect them but there are challenges ahead in the dangerous underwater world.  ‘Communicating through the eye of a turtle can change your life young Lucy. That’s a gift, that is. A real gift.’

For ages 8-12 years

‘An adventure story with an original concept. Children will be fascinated by the underwater world of beautiful creatures and the dangers of diving. They’ll relate to the friendships and compassion, using the characters as role models. An exceptional book.’

Barbara  (School Libraries Service)

‘The author manages to combine an exciting adventure with the environmental concerns a young girl has about ocean creatures. A very current theme and beautifully written.’  Chloe (Primary Teacher, Year 4)


Book Two - The Secrets of the Shallows

Having moved from London to Pontus Island in the Caribbean, 12-year-old Lucy is enjoying her new-found diving skills with her friends Jack and Solomon.
When Lucy, Jack and Sol discover how human activity is destroying the habitats of rare ocean creatures, they are determined to protect both marine creatures and the island's special natural environment.
Can Lucy overcome the challenges ahead to make a difference to life in the oceans? For ages 8-12 years

'I really enjoyed the book and thought it was an excellent sequel. The thrill that came out of it was great! People like Lucy are especially important in this world because they care about the environment and show us how to look after it. I found it an essential lesson about the sea, and what we can do to help it. Can't wait for another book!'
George (aged 11)

Book Three - The Hidden Cave



By exploring both the underwater reefs and discovering the amazing natural beauty of Pontus Island, Lucy, Sol and Jack get entangled in yet another challenging adventure.

As their battle to protect creatures in the ocean continues, they also begin a search for secrets from the past.


‘Is there a new Lucy book out? Great! These are my favourite books. Lucy, Jack and Solomon get themselves into all sorts of dangerous adventures, it’s really exciting. I also love the characters because they care about the environment and try to help ocean creatures. I love the science stuff at the back of the books too. It’s really interesting.’

Rosie, aged 10


The Fishy Tales Storybooks

For Ages 3 – 6 years

The  Fishy Tale Story Books  combine

fun underwater storylines with

fascinating scientific facts. 

The stories are entertaining, informative and a good introduction to the myriad and diverse life in the oceans. 

These are tales which deal with a wide variety of moral values, feelings and other aspects of personal and social well-being. 

Great for  teachers and parents to share with youngsters with lots of starting points for discussion.

Logan the Lobster 

Logan was different from all the other little lobsters. Would they be his friends? Would they play with him?  The first in a series of Fishy Tale Story Books which combine scientific facts with fun underwater storylines. 

“Logan helps children to understand there is a place for everyone in our world … no matter how different we all are.” (Josie Rolph, Grandma)

Prickle the Puffer Fish

A coral reef can be a very dangerous place to live.

How can Prickle keep herself safe?
How can she stop feeling so scared?
Can she be brave?

Prickle, the tiny puffer fish, needs to find the answers to these very important questions.

“The scientific information at the back of these books is perfect for discussions with children about the incredible things that live in the ocean. I’m learning a lot too.  I’d never realised there were such amazing creatures.”

(Liz Carey, Mum)